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​What is ARTUTA?

The name ARTUTA comes from the words "art out", with the meaning meant to be "train your imagination". The new discovery of "what is this?" that comes when repeatedly creating things includes many possibilities. We anticipate that through ARTUTA lessons, children will be able to find a "something" that they cannot name, and freely cultivate their own unique ideas. 


At ARTUTA we believe that through drawing lessons, children cultivate sensibility and creativity that is has meaning in our future society. 


Drawing pictures is not a privilege reserved only for artists, but something essentially to be enjoyed by anyone who has the simple tools of pencil and paper.  Online lessons have a lot of constraints when compared to in-person learning, but even if at a distance, we believe that the greatest benefit is being able to participate. Using materials that every family can easily prepare, we believe in conducting lessons focused on expanding imagination. 

At ARTUTA, take the most care to search together for the pictures that only each individual child can create. This may take some time, but we believe that, having become able to apply simple tools, even when the children become adults and meet complicated situations, this will connect with being able to tackle things with creativity that only an individual can think of or do. 


Although today we are facing countless societal problems, we believe that the rich creativity of children going forward has the potential to open up new paths to address these problems. 

Since we believe that impressive experiences from childhood are deeply carved into our hearts, even after becoming an adult, we want to devise and conduct lessons where children can voluntarily enjoy working, and drawing a picture doesn't feel like an obligation.


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