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Artuta classes aim to nurture the creativity and imagination.  Children sometimes come up with the ideas that adults would never think of and draw something new. At Artuta we value the new ideas and encourage kids to express freely and think outside the box. The most important thing is that your child thinks about the specific theme on their own way and turn it into art. All our classes are interactive. Students and teachers communicate while creating art. By having small group system (maximum 5 connections) online, teachers can see each student's growth. We truly recommend you to take classes on a regular basis to really see the results. But in the meantime, we also offer one-off lessons for those who wish.

Our classes are consist of 5 elements

  • Introduction : Get to know us! We will explain briefly.

  • Warm-up:Let's do a little doodling exercises to warm up your hands!

  • Experiment:Start drawing with the teacher. Make some art together!

  • Share:Show us what you drew, how you drew and why you drew!

After class

  • Feedback: You can post the drawings on our plaform, Artuta Gallery. Teachers will provide feedbacks and comments. Also, please take time to discuss with your kids about how they felt, what they thought, and how they did in class. By reflecting on what they learned and communicating, it nurtures your child's ability to express their feelings.

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How Class Works

STEP1 Book your class

You can check our class schedule from here and book online. After your class successfully booked, we will share Zoom link with you. 

STEP 2 Class Day

With paper and your favorite drawing materials prepared at hand, please connect to Zoom from your device to participate in your set online class. Please set the name of the participating Zoom account to your child's name. 

STEP 3    After class

Take a photo of the drawing and upload it to our original art sharing platform!. Teacher will have a look and comment. On this platform, you can communicate with the teacher and also see the drawings by others.


Artuta aims to cultivate your child's creativity through art.

The classes focus on developing the skill to think outside the box.


Japanese and English


​Aged 4 and up  (Please consult with us if you have aged 3 and below.)


Up to 5 people in one class


​50 min


A device to use Zoom (a smartphone works, but we highly recommend using a tablet or laptop computer) Paper, pen, pencil, or other drawing tools

​Cancellation Policy

If you make a cancellation request 24 hours prior to the class, we will cancel the procedure. We cannot accept any cancellation after that, so we kindly ask for your understanding.

What is Artuta Gallery?

Artuta Gallery is an online platform where teachers and students communicate outside of classroom. Students can use this platform to look back on the artworks.



You can post and share pictures of your kid's drawings as well as the behind-the-scene photos.


The instructor checks all the pictures posted by students and takes time to give personal feedback to each post.




Coming soon!

Currently developing this new feature to showcase the artworks introduced during the show & tell sessions. 


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