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Online Art School


We help cultivate your creativity and channel your inner artist.

ARTUTA is an art school delivering online classes via Zoom to cultivate children's creativity at the comfort of your home. Since all lessons are online, you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

The instructor is an active artist from New York and speaks Japanese and English. With an international instructor that has cultivated experience through exposure to the world's artworks, you can earn alternative ways of expression.


Drawing Lessons

​In ARTUTA, the theme of the lessons changes every 6 weeks. Since there are a small number of students for each class, we take particular care of each student's individuality and growth. Children who are new to art can also easily enjoy the classes. Children who love to draw and are at an advanced level can also enjoy the classes while working to cultivate their expressive power and creativity. 


Our classes are consist of 5 elements

  • Introduction:Get to know us! We will explain briefly.

  • Warm-up:Let's do a little doodling exercises to warm up your hands!

  • Experiment:Start drawing with the teacher. Make some art together!

  • Share:Show us what you drew, how you drew and why you drew!

- After class - 

  • Feedback:You can post the drawings on our plaform, Artuta Gallery. Teachers will provide feedbacks and comments. Also, please take time to discuss with your kids about how they felt, what they thought, and how they did in class. By reflecting on what they learned and communicating, it nurtures your child's ability to express their feelings.

Small group system

(maximum 5 Zoom connections)

What you need
papers, pens, crayons or any drawing tool you like!

50 min class

Instructor will let you in the zoom room when cass starts




Kosuke Kawahara 

Kosuke Kawahara is a Brooklyn based artist, who was born in Kyoto and raised in Shiga, Japan. His intuitive/improvisational gesture generates site-relevant imagery through its multi-layered structure. Kawahara completed MFA in Painting/Drawing at Pratt Institute in May 2020. He received multiple scholarships from Pratt, including Pratt Merit-based Scholarship, Weiss Endowed Scholarship, Carlow Memorial Scholarship, Pratt in Venice 2019 Merit-based Scholarship, and Pratt in Venice 2019 Assistantship Award.


Selected Exhibitions:

2020   "White Night of the Gambling Den" Pratt Institute / New York

2010   "Primal Scene" art+cafe cifa / Okayama, Japan

2008   "Nakedness" Taiyo Jimu / Kyoto, Japan

2007   "Lake Forms" Altamira / Okayama, Japan

2006   "Lake Surface" Taiyo Jimu / Kyoto, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020   “inheritance“ Super Dutchess / New York

2020   “The Shape of” Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute / New York

2019   “Half-Life” DeKalb Gallery, Pratt Institute / New York

2014   “Small Works” Trestle Gallery / New York

2012   “2012 NURTUREart Benefit” Charles Bank Gallery / New York


2011   "Raison d'etre of Art Exhibition No.4" ART IMAGINE GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan



2020   The Nippon Club WEB Art Exhibition “Forward Together!”, Prize

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This membership is valid for 6 weeks and you can take up to 4 lessons anytime you want. It's perfect for those who want to practice continuously.

4 classes for $80

Want to get the best results?


2 users shared Membership

This is perfect for those who can share the same screen and join the zoom class with the same account. It comes with 4 lessons and it's valid for 6 weeks.

4 classes for $120

Want to join with your sibling?


Single Class

You can also purchase a single class separately. Check the class schedule, choose the time you like, and book any class you like!

1 class  for $30

Want to take classes as you go?


Free Trial

Want to try and see before you sign up?

Free trial lets you take 1 class (50min) for free.  You can pick any class you would like. It also comes with an access to Artuta Gallery where you can upload pictures of the drawings and receive feedbacks from a teacher.


Three times a week, five times a day (5 slots: A, B, C, D, E). Check the time zone of your area and check the table below.

Recommended slots for different time zones


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