Colorful Pattern

Class Schedule

Three times a week, five times a day (5 slots - A, B, C, D, E). Check the time zone of your area and check the table below.


Season 1

What is the sea like? (From 9/4)


W1: Is it a sea creature? ①

W2: Could it be a sea creature? ②

W3: Could it be a sea dinosaur?

W4: Could it be a marine plant? ①

W5: Could it be a sea vehicle? ①

W6: Let's live in the sea! ①

Season 2

What is the universe like? (From 10/16-)


W1: Go out to space ①

W2: Go to space ②

W3: Play in space ①

W4: Play in space ②

W5: Let's live in space! ①

W6: Let's live in space! ②


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