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​Free Trial

Online art classes sounds great but I'm not sure if it's worth it yet...

I wonder if my kid can concentrate at home ...

We offer a free trial for you, first-timers!

You can take this free trial as an opportunity to actually see the atmosphere of Artuta's class and the instructor before you decide to join.

Apply anytime!

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Free trial of ARTUTA drawing lesson (30 minutes).
 Please take a 5 min quick satisfaction survey after your trial.


Japanese and English


-4 years old or older (Please contact us if you wish to book for children under 4 years old.)

How to

​You can access the registration form from the button below. We will check the schedule after registration and share the Zoom link once the lesson is confirmed.

Online lessons

All Artuta lessons are conducted using Zoom. You need to prepare a device to which Zoom can be connected. You can join the lesson from the Zoom link shared after registration.

It is possible to use a smartphone, but we recommend using a tablet or laptop.

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